Age: 3 months – 2 Years

Our babies are cared for in our comfortable Butterflies Room where we have a ‘no-outdoor-shoes’ policy so that we can keep the floor spotlessly clean for our crawlers. We have a separate sleep area where we play soft music and keep the light low. We aim to provide a varied programme of exploratory play and activities within your child’s normal routine. Weaning is only undertaken in partnership with parents.

A typical day might involve:

  • Babies arriving and being settled
    in by their key person
  • Exploratory play
  • Bottle/snack time
  • Outdoor play/ morning sleep time
  • A session in the Sensory Den
  • Lunch time
  • Afternoon sleep time
  • Outdoor play/ indoor activities
  • Bottle/snack time
  • Free play
  • Staff available to talk to you
    about your child’s day.

Nappies are checked and changed regularly throughout the sessions.

Every child is different and has a unique routine. We build an element of flexibility into everything that we plan for the children.

In the Tadpoles room we work within a Government framework called ‘Early years foundation stage, it is a way of providing rich, play-based activities that suit the individual needs of each child. There are planning documents and lots of photographs on the wall for you to see and discuss with us if you wish.

Love, Learn, Leap