Little Frogs Nursery Pricing Policy

We set our prices and charges in consultation with our customers and this pricing policy is presented to ensure that you fully understand our charging structure.

Our rates:
Weekly £200.00 • Daily £44.00 • Half day £25.00

(Prices due to be reviewed annually in October)

What does this include?
Well, everything except formula milk as there are such a variety of makes that parents/careers use so we ask for you to provide a couple of bottles for each session your child attends. We provide quality wipes, creams and bibs all foods and snacks.

How do I pay?
Payment is due on an agreed date, monthly and in advance. The preferred method of payment is by Standing Order.
The monthly fees are worked out as follows:
Your daily fee x number of days attending = Weekly Fee
Weekly fee x 52 weeks, divided by 12 months = Monthly Fee

Minimum Booking:
Please note that we require a minimum booking of two half days or one full day per week.

We offer a small discount for families who have more than one child in nursery. You will also notice on the pricing structure that the weekly rate is discounted for everyone, so in effect the longer your child is placed with us, the cheaper the rate becomes.