Providing outstanding child care

For babies of 6 weeks to children of 5 years.


Based over 3 rooms:
‘THE TADPOLES ROOM’ for 6 weeks to 2 years.
‘THE LITTLE FROGS ROOM’ for 2 to 3 years.
‘THE LILYPADS ROOM.’ for age 3 and upwards.

Little frogs is a safe and nurturing nursery built on the foundation that children should be loved, learn then leap off ready for school.

As a parent myself I understand the need for flexibility with childcare. Little frogs day nursery and pre-school offer a range of sessions to help accommodate and suit all needs.


Meet the teachers

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Our generous staff:pupil ratio allows all staff the opportunity to understand each individual child well. A low pupil:teacher ratio guarantees that your child gets the attention and support they need to achieve their highest potential. Experience of staff is vital to your child’s education. All staff are dedicated and qualified for working with a specific age, they know child development thoroughly and can support children through a vital stage of their learning.


General information


We provide a varied and balanced menu along with any special diets that parents may request, i.e. vegetarian:
9am - Breakfast - Milk, fresh fruit juice, toast, cereals etc
12 Midday - Lunch - A hot meal and pudding
4pm - Tea - A light tea and fresh fruit for pudding


If your child has milk feeds from a bottle, you are required to provide enough made-up bottles for the day, clearly marked with the child’s name. We will then refrigerate them and return the empty washed bottles to you at the end of each day.


A complete change of clothes with your child’s name clearly marked is required. We also require wellies and a raincoat for each child.


Staff cannot administer medicine unless the relevant form has been completed. Any child with sickness/diarrhoea must be collected immediately and cannot return to nursery for 48 hours or until cleared by their GP.


Your child will only be released from the Nursery to you, unless you have previously specified otherwise, in which case password procedure will be followed.


We believe that parents should have open access to information about how the nursery is operated. Parents are invited to read all the policies and procedures that shape our practice and we welcome their input.

Parents are given the opportunity to access the policies at the point of registration, but they can also be accessed at any time when the nursery is open by asking the Nursery Manager.

Love, Learn, Leap